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Artists Club

Fundamentals of Decorative Painting


In this course we present the knowledge base for all painting artists. regardless of the painting style you like the most. We'll bring you the basics about materials, surfaces, styles, brushes, Light/Shadow and textures.


Module 1 – Techniques and Styles (Conceptual) – Presentation of the main painting styles and techniques that make up the world of Decorative Painting.


Module 2 – Materials (Eleonora) – What is the appropriate use of each product and what are the options for use, Dilution and Cleaning.


Module 3 -Surfaces (Silvana) - We will explain the differences between the Surfaces and the correct way of preparation for each one of them.


Module4 – Brushes (Amanda) - What are the differences between them and the correct way to use and clean them.


Module 5 – Light and shadow (Cristiane) – Which brushes are most suitable for each type of shadow/float. What is the correct way to direct the brushstrokes. Formats and incidences of Light and Shadow.


Module 6 – Textures (Luiz Poletti) – How to achieve textures using different materials and tools.


Bonus 1: Eleonora - Geraniums

Bonus 2: Silvana - Scarecrow

Bonus 3 : Amanda - Mouse

Bonus 4: Cristiane - Lilies

Bonus 5: Luiz Poletti - Lamparina and Persimmons

Update 2022 with OPA X PDBrasil Stencil

Bonus 1: Eleonora - Pumpkins and Corn

Bonus 2: Silvana - Scarecrow and Pumpkins

Bonus 3 : Amanda - Cardinal

Bonus 4: Cristiane - Window

Bonus 5: Luiz Poletti - Milk and Bread

3 x R$98.90

Our team


Eleonora Costa


Silvana Coppola


Amanda Novaes

Luiz Poletti

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