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Artist Biography

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Painting has always been a passion of mine and I learned early that art at any time in life, as a hobby or a career, can bring balance to the soul.
By investing time in an unhurried learning process, in my own time, I have been able to enjoy every lesson, book, and researching of art, learning that the variety of styles, materials, and techniques are available for experimentation.
I have dedicated myself to painting for over 20 years, and my current passion is wildlife through hyperrealism. I use acrylic techniques on wood surfaces, watercolor and colored pencil.

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I bought an ONLINE workshop from Amanda, it really worth it, the footage is of excellent quality, Amanda's teaching is perfect, she explains everything in the smallest details and we can paint because we go back to the recording as many times as we want.👍👏 👏👏

Ana S.

Congratulations Amanda, your class was delicious, it was very well explained with step by step making each step very clear. You were beautiful!!!

(About the presentation of the program Faça VC  Mesmo "TV show" Aparecida)

Rose M.

Yesterday's Live with Amanda was very cool! She gave many valuable tips that no one talks about, including how to identify colors in a photo. Thank you Amanda for the class and also the chat that was lively and delicious. 🙋‍♀️🙏👏💋

Rosangela R.

I loved your E-books, because you photograph the step by step. It facilitates a lot and clarifies many doubts, in addition to giving us more security in painting the project. Everything is very neat, as you always do!

Roseli A.



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